ear-sound-waves-22820656I’m parked in a line-up, amongst other vehicles and passengers, and we all wait to be loaded onto the ferry. The sun is high in the sky, aimed just right, and doing its best to burn a hole right through my pants. After the first few minutes, I get out of the car, to take photos for, Cee’s fun foto challenge. Done with that, I return and enjoy the gentle breeze that blows through all the open windows in the lot. Someone is playing music, a little loud, but not obnoxiously. It’s not half bad. There are some quiet conversations in the background, and the hum of car motors, slowly pulling in.

Then there is the lady to my right, parked slightly back from me. The sounds–unnatural sounds–of clicking and ringing and pinging, drift through my open windows. After the third series, I lean forward slightly, turn my head to the right, and look at her. I don’t know what I thought would happen by repeating this movement several times, but I kept it up for a while. She never looked up. It was a game of sorts on her phone, that was keeping her so enthralled, and completely oblivious. However, she did ask her dog several times, if he was alright. He was obviously hounded by the din, just unable to communicate so. Could she not hear the noise? (chuckle) It must have been full volume, although, I do have exceptional hearing. Just ask my guy, it drives him crazy. I suppose I could have asked her nicely, to turn it down, but, I went with closing the two windows on the right side of my car. It worked well enough. I had only a couple more minutes to wait.

So, what is it with people and their clear, lack of consideration for others? Are they just so used to making a racket, that it doesn’t phase them anymore? Were they inconsiderate right from the start? I’m confused by the issue.

It could be just me, but, I am always aware of my surroundings. I like to be considerate of others. The volume on my game, (not that I play them), is only loud enough for me to hear. Pretty sure, no one else wants to hear it! There are innumerable fashions, colours, brands, of headphones, that will fit and style, all ears! Also, inexpensive, so you could have a different colour for every day of the week. So, what’s the problem people?

Is anyone else challenged by the sounds of technology? Rant with me!