School-Time Blues

Which subject in school did you find impossible to master?

Seriously? Do I have to pick just one? Nope, can’t do that.

Grade 11 and 12, it seems, I gave up on learning. No desire, no interest, anything else was better. I was, however, leaving my options open…lol.

Physics 11 put me to sleep. Computer Science 11; fail. Funny, same teacher.

Chemistry 11 and 12; I had a wonderful partner, who seemed to understand everything, and didn’t mind sharing. 😉 The teacher was really great, and I could tell he loved his job. I think I exasperated him.

Algebra 11; dropped out. Way over my head.

school cartoon

Social Studies; geography I got, history, not so much. The teacher was awesome though. He had the most striking blue eyes, dark hair, and a ‘Magnum’ moustache.

English 12: the teacher liked to sit at her desk the entire class, and admire her fingernails.

Biology 12; nice teacher, made an effort to make it fun, I still did a lousy job. There was one section, however, that piqued my interest. Dissection. That was when I decided to become a nurse.

Needless to say, I was in total shock when I received my ‘acceptance into the nursing program’ letter. I had just enough credits, and barely, passing marks, to graduate. Why on earth did they want a slacker? So, I showed them…by having to take the program a second time. I did well in the field, not so well on exams. We were told at the beginning of the program, that we would be eating, sleeping, breathing, nursing. Maybe for some, but not for me, hence the second time around. Eventually, I graduated, and was hired immediately.

After 5ish years working, I quit, to the sounds of disgruntled sighs, and chatter. Psycho mom, or serene mom; which would you choose? Alright then.

One thing I know very well about myself. If it doesn’t make me happy, I won’t do it. I am learning, as I gain some wisdom, along with my gray hair; anything that needs doing, with a little focus, and some pride in a job well done, can be satisfying. Like blogging!

Which subject in school did you find impossible to master? Who had the same attitude as me? Or were you one of those straight A students? 

As always, comments are welcomed, and encouraged!