A Lesson In Patience

green tea latte

My ritual. The pets are first in line to go outside, first in line to eat, and first in line to receive some love.

My ritual. Same breakfast of oatmeal, blueberries, walnuts, and sunflower seeds; with a little almond milk. Followed by…

My ritual. One cup of Vanilla Almond milk, heated; Shaklee’s Green Matcha Energizing Tea added. Followed by…

Lately, my ritual. A second cup. Complete indulgence.

No surprises in my morning, and I like it that way.

I love my pets, I love my breakfast, but, when I drink my green tea latte, well, that is just something else altogether. Pure, downright, bliss. I do believe I am addicted to the drink; to the routine. The tea, is in my thoughts, from the time I begin assembly of my breakfast. Take care of everything else, then sit, undisturbed, to drink my tea.

However, there is a problem, and just so you know, it is never my shortcoming. I’m faced with it nearly every morning. I guess I can also call it, my ritual.

I heat the almond milk on the stove. It only takes a few short minutes to boil. More often than not, in those few short minutes, someone or something distracts me. Okay, maybe it is my brain some of the time. I will consciously tell myself to come back to the stove, as soon as the short disruption is complete. Well, one thing leads to another, I hear a funny sizzling sound, (the milk boiling and bubbling up the sides of the pot, then flowing over), and I wonder what it is. Ever time, it takes me a moment to figure out where that sound is coming from. Every single time! Then, I must race into the kitchen, hollering, “no, no, no ,no, no”, and salvage what I can of the milk. On a rare occasion I get there before it goes over, and even rarer, I stand and wait for it to boil. This epidemic, which started a couple years ago, is most persistent.

A reminder of my lack of patience, is the aroma of burnt milk, whenever I turn the element on. I  must frequently wipe the stove and change the foil beneath the element. I call that a ‘make work project’.

Why is it so hard to just ‘be’ with the stove?

  • I could easily pull up a chair.
  • No, it doesn’t take longer if I watch it.
  • The short tasks that pull me away, are never important.
  • I could meditate.

Even though, intellectually, I understand what must be done, I won’t bring myself to do it. Intellectually, that’s what I don’t understand. Help me out here. Any suggestions? Do you have a similar issue? Should I just break free from my green tea?   Daily Prompt; Just Another Day