What Was Her Name Again?

mind readerI understand how she wasn’t able to remember my name, the conversation was overflowing with detail. Had I not already known what was going on, my brain might have shut down. (a little ‘post-mommy syndrome’ still clinging to me) It’s intriguing, however, to be able to glimpse inside the mind of another, to know what they are thinking. I can hang on to the energy of some, it’s like taking in a breath, receiving thoughts. This is what she was thinking, after we all left the coffee shop.

That was a very interesting conversation, a lovely lady. I’m looking forward to learning more about this training, how she accomplishes so much, how she is so happy, excited, and full of life. Her voice is very quiet though, sometimes a little too quiet, I missed a couple of things she said. The coffee shop will be great! The other lady commented, on how there will be so many different happenings, coming together, all in this one space. I must remember the date of the opening, sigh, I’ve forgotten it already. Sometime mid-June, I think. She did say, she would email me the date. It seems like so much work, and so much to remember. That other lady, sigh, what was her name again? She said something about the training, that for her, it was exhausting, but wonderful. Let’s go home now, granddaughter.