Food I Fancy

I am a baker, not a cook. When my kids were elementary school age I baked all the time. I baked for them, for family, for neighbours, for the school, for all celebrations, and for work. I tried not to have too much baking left-over for me. Loved to bake, was very good at it, and most products looked just like the magazine picture.

Nowadays, no one wants to eat the white stuff. Sugar, white flour, white anything denotes the lack of nutritional value. So, I bake once in a while hoping to achieve the very memorable baker’s ‘high’.

Cooking is a means to an end. The simpler, the better. The faster, the better. From freezer to oven, great! Order in, even greater! Still hoping for the advancement in nutrition to create a one-a-day pill that will imitate fullness, provide daily nutritional balance, and give allowance for that favourite coffee drink, snack, etc..

Until then, my incremental attempts at embracing cooking are slow. I search for recipes, add them to my MacGourmet Deluxe app, and aim for approval. It’s a hit or miss. I strive for reasonably healthy. My ‘guy’ wants good food. (Like he’s suffering.) What?? I will keep at it! I will keep at it! I will keep at it!…

Recipes to come!







Please's more fun that way!

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