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Since I started blogging, way back in April, I spend a lot of time reading on my laptop. In fact, too much time. I’ve decided that I need to take some of that time, and really go through the blogs I follow. I want to share those blogs that I enjoy reading, hopefully three each month. I’ve also sent a request to each blogger, for a direct quote that I can include in this post.


It’s been a while since reading this blog, and once again, I’m pleasantly surprised. I find it’s quirkiness just like a breath of fresh air. Loaded with little bits of humour, some of it expertly hidden so you have to read on to ‘get it’. (Well, I do anyway.) A wide range of subjects for a very happy, fun read.

Lorraine writes plays, short stories, books, and general ramblings about life.

From Lorraine: My inspiration is in the minutiae of life: the impromptu spider hunt in the middle of a committee meeting; the small child picking her nose during the nativity play; tripping up in the theatre aisle and finding yourself hanging onto a bald man’s head. (It’s all happened, believe me!) When I find myself bemused at some stupid, mind-bogglingly weird event or person, I don’t get annoyed. I just think, “Ooh! I can use that!” It’s probably a character flaw.

Half and Half

If you want a good chuckle, this blog is for you. I’m going to go ahead and say, that you will probably enjoy this more if you’re female. It is surprisingly relatable, if you are willing to admit that, and is laced with humour. Posts fall under the headings of Wit, Wisdom, and Nonsense. Bonus: lots of lists!

This would pair well with a bottle of wine and a cheese plate.

middle class fury

A plethora of all the things we think, but do not write about. Composed with a profusion of negativity, this blog had me literally putting my laptop aside so that I could bend myself all the way forward in laughter. My guy even asked if I was going to be alright. An expansive, descriptive, critical look at nearly everything under the sun, will have you doing the same.

Advisement: Visit the washroom prior to reading.

 As always, comments are welcomed, and encouraged! I would love to know your take on these blogs. Do you have any recommendations of blogs you enjoy reading? Why not share them!

If you’d like to browse a few more, click the link below.

July 2014



7 Blog Preferences


I know people are creative and show their creativity in vast arrays, but I still get surprised by it. I suppose prior to blogging myself, I never thought of following or reading an abundance of blogs. I will say, I’m thoroughly enjoying going through other’s blogs, and taking in all the original ideas. I do have some personal preferences, and even those can be altered by the mood I am in, or if I’m tired, etc. These are just my thoughts as I read through the blogs.

  1. The simpler, the better. If I open up onto an extremely busy page (theme), I will be distracted, and may just move on to another. If I get past that, which is rare, and the writing holds my attention, then I will give it another chance.
  2. A lot of the themes have smaller printing. I like to be able to read it without looking for my glasses. It’s so much easier on the eyes, in general, if the printing is larger. If the theme is busy, and the printing small, then you are out of luck.
  3. I like to see lots of smaller paragraphs. If I come across a blog that has one huge block of writing, I will move on to another, no second thoughts. Add to this, the above, and you probably won’t see me again, even if the topic is interesting.
  4. I do my best with sentence structure and punctuation. I am learning as I go, and I always proof-read my stuff a few times before hitting publish. I want to put my best foot forward. I suppose I have an expectation that others do also, and yes, I do read blogs that need punctuation, but I find it a wee bit difficult to get through them. If it’s a good topic, then I will stay with it. Please proof-read!
  5. Lighter colours, simpler design, is what attracts me. How easy is it to read, and how appealing is the page? If I open up a blog and the page is dark, I may give it a feeble try, and if the writing is good, I will be back, maybe. The darker backgrounds make it much more difficult to focus on the writing. If you add all the above to this, I will not be back.
  6. I’ve a greater liking for posts that have fewer than 700 words. These will be given more of a chance. I only have so much time, and want to read, share my thoughts, and hit the like button. I know I’m missing out on some great content, and on occasion, I will read a longer post, especially if it is a short story.
  7. The blogging university, and writing 101, and all the prompts, and all the help is wonderful and much used. One thing they mention, is a good title. I would have to agree. A good title is needed to catch my attention.

There are so many blogs out there, many with topics that I’m keen on learning more about. If they are not easy to read, right from the start, then I will move on to another. We all have our preferences, and as I’ve noted, they vary greatly. These are just mine. If I’m going to spend time reading, it must be enjoyable, or my attention wanes. I also do my best, with my own blog, to follow my list of likes and dislikes. I’m sure I don’t always come up to snuff, but I push forward, learning as I go. You may love the dark background, which just happens to have smaller printing, and three or four columns, plus the addition of several widgets along the sidebars; but isn’t it readability that we are after?


As always comments are welcomed and encouraged!