About Me (in case you thought it was about someone else)

My blog is a mish-mash of thoughts, the goings on in my life, and I’m attempting some creative writing. I have not decided on a central idea or theme yet. It will come. Maybe. Right now, it will give you a glimpse into my life, my likes and dislikes, and if you can stick it out long enough, you might see the merging of my creativity, the beginnings of a leading thread.

son boy mom

Gorgeous Boy 1

son boy mom

Gorgeous Boy 2







The mother of two gorgeous boys, whom, when I think about them, a myriad of emotion washes over me. The weight of my love for them, overwhelms me at times.

Still trying to figure out what I want to do with my life.

chihuahua beagle in chair

2 Dogs
McKay & Tia

gray cat sleeping

A cat named Graysee,
because she’s Gray…see?







A pet owner; 2 dogs & 1 cat, all rescues, and all beautiful, in their own ways.

Once a lover of horror novels & movies, and although I still like them on occasion, they just don’t scare me anymore.

Retired Registered Nurse.

I like quiet, stillness, chocolate (the bad kind), and the rain.

Routine is much healthier for me and I’m once again searching for it.

I alternate between the Starbuck’s Mocha & the Green Tea Latte.

Home-based business owner…not active at the moment, but, if someone wants any Shaklee product…I can do that for you. gerriblue@gmail.com

My favourite work-outs: Insanity, yoga, Tae Bo, Hip-Hop Abs (seriously great ab work), walks.

Find chakras, kundalini yoga, meditation, astral projection, and tarot cards so interesting.

Have difficulty with staying at something unless I’m super interested. Add tunnel vision to that.

I enjoy people watching & listening, rather than joining in.

blue flowered porcelain owl

Couldn’t resist. Lives on my night table.

Used to be a mega crafter of many different things. When looking back, I relished in it but, it was also a way to escape. Favourite craft? Paper stuff, cards, photo-albums. Unable to enter Michaels without buying something.

Love playing on my computer…learning about social media, web design, hence blogging.

Think my metallic, blue, candy coloured, 2012 Ford Fiesta is the coolest!

peter gerri

Great Guy

I’m in love with a great guy!

My new authentic look!




16 thoughts on “About Me (in case you thought it was about someone else)

    • Nice to meet you as well. Just finished my about page…I was having trouble lining everything up…the pictures and beginning to get a wee bit frustrated. Then it all lined up. I’m not sure what it looked like when you were there, I forgot to un-publish it while working on it.
      Thanks so much!


  1. Hi Gerri – it’s nice to meet you over here. I like what you’re doing. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. You’re welcome to come back any time and sit at my kitchen table and share some stories.


  2. Perhaps just list what you’re NOT interested in? I mean, seriously, I read blogs as relaxation from online college, but this is ridiculous (AHAHAHAHAH, I’m just joking 🙂


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