Go Team!

An extremely important component in learning about your individual health needs and getting to know how your mind and body works; is becoming your own healthcare advocate. You can read it here. I’ve written about my thoughts on why it is so difficult to be and stay healthy. You can read it here. I’m expanding on each of the eight points I made, because I have a lot to say. What I write about, comes from my own personal experiences and observations. As individuals–our health–needs to be approached as such.

8. You will most likely fail, if you have no support system. A support system is a must if you are to be successful long term. We seem to need the basic information to health, pounded into our brains on a regular basis. As an example; Weight Watchers holds weekly meetings. Some of the information shared is quite simple, and even silly to some, but nonetheless, very effective. It’s all about showing up, being accountable to yourself in front of others. Knowing that you are not alone in your challenge or struggle. You may even meet some new friends, who by the way, are like-minded people who can be added to your support system. After all this, we must remember that our attitude holds huge sway, when it comes to our choices. Strength of character? You can do it! We are also the role models for our kids, and if we eat crappy, our kids probably will too. If we are heavy, then our kids will probably follow suit. Why not be the positive example for others, at work, at school, and at home. The more you have on your team, the easier it will become.

This should be straightforward for most people.

I fall under the category of: nobody tells me what to do, how to do it, or when to do it. Once I’m in the routine of exercising and eating well, I have the initiative and drive to continue on that path. The trouble I’m having at the moment is, starting over. I’ve started over many times, yet this time is taking much longer. I’m daunted by how much I’ve let myself go. My diet is improving, and the fact that I feel better physically should bring motivation back into my line of sight. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

Regardless of how much I have contradicted myself, there are some of us who are better off going it alone, doing it our way, and in our own time. Being told what to do will work the opposite on us. Our heels will dig in and we will stop listening. For the rest of you, there is no better support system than a significant other or meaningful friend. Someone who enjoys similar activities, and/ or someone who is at the same fitness level as you. Through all the trials and tribulations you will experience together, laughter is probably at the forefront. We all know how beneficial laughter is to our wellbeing. If you can make exercise fun, half the battle is over.

Other social support systems range from an exercise buddy to a workout group. Personal trainers can turn boring workouts into effective, challenging routines. Boot camps are popular, as well as small group training, cardio clubs, running/ walking clubs, biking clubs. There are so many activities to participate in and lots of them are free. Google your local area for any clubs or activity groups, or start one of your own.

If you are a social butterfly or prefer the hermit lifestyle, there are many options to choose from. This is very simple: you participate or you don’t. Once you get started and make it through the first couple of weeks, you are well on your way to a healthier life. There will be ups and downs, just know that the options are always there for you.

Just a thought: if you have someone impressionable hanging on your every word, keep the whining and complaining to yourself. You will benefit from this too!

 Any other suggestions? Comments are welcomed and encouraged!


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