This Way or That Way?

An extremely important component in learning about your individual health needs and getting to know how your mind and body works; is becoming your own healthcare advocate. You can read it here.

I’ve written about my thoughts on why it is so difficult to be and stay healthy. You can read it here. I’m expanding on each of the eight points I made, because I have a lot to say. What I write about, comes from my own personal experiences and observations. As individuals–our health–needs to be approached as such.

the road less travelled3. We take the road well travelled, not intentionally, but because it feels easier, faster, and fills the gaping hole inside of us, so we can get back to doing other, more fun, time-wasting, mind-numbing, stuff. A sugary snack (instead of a healthy one), can give you a high, and while you are in this high, you can do and be anything. Then you fall from the sky, as if your parachute didn’t deploy. When you hit bottom, your emotions are free to trample your heart and your thoughts, then your high ends on an even lower note than the day before. This is the vicious cycle that so many of us are caught in. I’m looking in the mirror right now. Changing your entire maddening behaviour, is all it takes. Just get out of your head and make the changes. I know, I know, it’s not that easy! It really is though, just your attitude that is holding you back. Your excuses, the lies you tell yourself, become your truth. One day at a time, downhill or uphill. It is a choice.

The decisions we make on a daily basis all come together to provide us with a step by step flow chart, a diagram of where we are and why. It can be a frightening picture, which may throw us into the belly of denial. “That can’t be me!” Once denial has it’s hooks in us, there is an endless source of excuses at our fingertips, to not change anything. In order to stay in la-la land, change is forbidden. The repetition of negative behaviour is the foundation for success.

We think (while we are in denial, and among other things such as depression), that it is just easier to be lax about our unending unhappiness. Too much effort is needed to take the road less travelled. When we are in ‘it’, answers can be difficult to find, but we are well aware that there is something not right with us. For me, it was easier to make the trip to the store on a daily basis, to purchase large quantities of chocolate for consumption the moment I got home. Of course, I would have to hide the wrappers in the garbage because this was for my eyes only. My treat. Share the chocolate? Not a chance. The chocolate was so delicious, but by the third bar, it always made me feel a bit ill physically, and like crap emotionally. I had to finish them though, I’m not a save-for-later kind of girl, and I wouldn’t have wanted to waste any by tossing the excess. Also, the next day was a new one, and I was definitely not going to eat any chocolate. A mild depression had a hold on me for quite some time without me being aware of it. As I said, it is not intentional. It was my circumstances at that time in my life.

I filled the void the with creamy chocolate. Every day the process would be repeated because I was not getting the necessary_______________. I’m sure you can fill in that sentence with your own emotion. Hopefully you have a significant other in your life, who can be completely honest with you, without the fear of hurting your feelings. I do, and that is how I ended up at the doctors and with a diagnosis of depression. I knew something was off, obviously, but wasn’t able to put a finger on it. I did not want to endure this anymore, so I was started on antidepressants. I’m not one to pass up on feeling better, and I have no problem with getting help. Some may feel this is weak, but let me tell you, this is strength, and let no one convince you otherwise. One pill and the sun came out bright and shiny for me the next morning.

That was the moment of change. I no longer wanted the chocolate (at least not all the time), I began exercising, and my eating habits improved immensely. I had the energy to treat myself better. The choice to get help if needed, is vital to your life, to living. We can’t do this alone, not any part of it. We are not meant to. I’ve been more successful when I share my crap, and join in with others, than when I do it alone. Common sense, even though I still fight it sometimes.

My point here is; ultimately, the choice is yours. If you feel you aren’t moving forward, there is a reason. Get some help and get to the bottom of it. There is no shame in that. Talk to someone, anyone. It’s a balancing act that must be worked on all the time, and once you get a little brighter about noticing what, when, where, how, and why, you can prevent backsliding. Positive outcomes will happen faster, and that will motivate you to continue on the path to success.

 Comments are welcomed and encouraged! How many of you have experienced depression? How did it affect your life? What changes did you make?


5 thoughts on “This Way or That Way?

  1. Nice title, it is totally on us to choose the path, resources are limited and we live once, then why we avoid, ignore the right choice…the balance in life, the positive outlook and the right risk can make all the difference…


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