Blame It On The Media

chihuahua dog pet adopt

I used to watch the Noon News Hour on Global, almost daily. I would give equal time to Randene Neill, and to daydreaming. What always snapped me back to reality was, of course, the ‘Adopt a Pet’ segment. The animals were so cute to watch, and it was often quite amusing. As per usual, aside from the couple of farm animals, who were also cute, I wanted to bring them all home. This particular lunch hour, I saw the sweetest, most adorable dog, sitting on Randene’s knees. They had named her Perdida (lost, in Spanish), and said that she was rescued from a puppy mill, run by an old woman. She had lived in a cage for two years, and already had two litters. She looked so frightened, and that just pulled at my heart. I wanted to snatch her up in my arms, she was just so little. Out of all the other animals, I felt a connection with her. Don’t ask me what or how, but I did. So, I hemmed and hawed for a day or so, told the family about her, then got on my laptop to have a closer look.

chihuahua dog pet bone

At this point, it’s pretty much out of my hands, and going to happen. Perdida was in a foster home, had been for about five weeks, when my youngest son and I went to visit her. Pretty shy, which I expected, but immensely improved since her stay with the lovely couple fostering her. We met, I believe, another two times, and then it was time to seal the deal. She took to my son for the first while, and then started latching on to me, she now knew where her food was coming from.

The first few nights were tiring, as she did some whining. Both my dogs sleep in crates, and it didn’t take too long for her to become accustomed to the routine. They know when it is their bedtime, and they happily go inside their crates, I lift the little one into hers, as it sits on top of McKay’s. I suppose, it’s partly the fact that they know they will get a treat and it’s also cosy with all the blankets.

Her name is no longer Perdida (she is not lost anymore), her name is Tia. As you can see, she has made herself quite comfortable.

sleeping chihuahua dog pet pillows

I can’t help but notice how cute her little, little nose is. Even I’m not quite able to believe she is considered a ‘dog’. My kids used to have a couple of rats as pets, and I have to say that Tia’s hair smells the same as the rat’s hair. No joke. So she could actually be the missing link–from rat to dog?? When she is focused on trotting alongside me, I look down and swear to you that her snout, with the whiskers sticking out, look just like a mouse. Some serious cute going on there.

tia chihuahua beach west vancouver

I would take her and McKay to the dog beach, when I lived in N. Vancouver, and she was very brave to be walking with the big dogs. Didn’t seem to bother her until one day, she got in the way of a big dog by accident, and got smushed against a rock. The yelping sound was horrible. The owner’s of the other dog were horrified. Tia was fine, just shook up, and rightly so. Since then, she hasn’t forgotten that and tends to keep her distance from the bigger dogs. Probably in her best interest.

What I notice the most, is how she races around the house, leaping from couch to chair, and back again. I can see her joy at being able to race around, her joy at the freedom she now has. Still, at times, I can tell she is frightened from some memory. I’m working on getting her used to the broom. Whenever a stick-like object is brought out, she disappears. I don’t want her to be afraid. One day at a time.

Tia is smaller than Graysee (the cat), and Graysee will bat at her, as she runs by. Too funny.

chihuahua dog pet profile

She is not a water dog. I know this, she knows this, my guy knows this too. Despite this, my guy likes to drop her in the water, so she has to swim a little to the shore. Yes, she can swim. Yes, she is much happier once she has cooled off, but I think she would appreciate a different way of going about it. Once again, something to work on with her, getting her to choose to stand in the water, so I can cool her off. My guy and Tia have a funny relationship.

From what I’ve heard, Chihuahua’s can be nippy. Tia has such a wonderful, gentle, nature. The only time she feint nipping, was when my guy had his face in her face, making noises. I would’ve nipped too. When she is playing and using her mouth, she is so gentle.

She regularly assumes her position in my lap, or beside me, touching of course, and she will push off her front legs so that she leans in to me. Her tummy is now positioned for rubbing. She nearly always gets what she wants, because she will peer up at me, and shift her position to better accommodate me.

Such an amazing addition to our family! I’ve stopped watching ‘adopt-a-pet’, for fear of needing to adopt another one. Since my guy is allergic, he knew what he was getting into, we are good for now.


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