8 Thoughts on Health

Why is it such a challenge, a struggle, to be healthy? Attitude, society, availability and affordability of healthy options…maybe? I think that the majority of us (adults), are well aware of what we need to be doing to be healthy, and we all use the same excuses, to not be. Myself included. Yes, there are many health reasons that can put some extra weight on us, or make it more challenging; thyroid issues, diabetes, arthritis, and any physical disability. The list goes on, but, we do have control over what and how much, we put into our mouths. That, even over exercise, is a huge component in weight loss and over-all health.

1. Television ads of fast food, cereals, snack bars, etc., entice us with the happy looking, healthy looking, slim and fit looking couple or family; who of course, have the perfect relationships and the happiest of lives. This is wonderful! Don’t we all want that? So lets buy that food, and then we will be happy forever. They convince us that food has a therapeutic value, and yes it does. However, there are many other healthier options for providing therapy, that don’t lead us to more therapy. You will also see how quick and easy it is to cook a meal from scratch, should only take thirty seconds, yes? Turn it off. Have limits on how much you watch per day. Make sure you’ve eaten a healthy meal before you zone out or you will be participating in a little something called ‘unconscious eating’; that hard to break habit of force feeding yourself some sugary or salty snack.

2. Our lives are so hectic (or so we think), that we eat in our cars, while at our computers, or in front of the television. Here’s a new concept; turn the television off, turn your computer off, turn your phone off, and just eat. Savour each mouthful, taste the food, be mindful. Show gratitude for the food you eat. Enjoy some conversation over the breakfast, lunch, or dinner table. Make eating a pleasurable experience. You will begin to build a routine that way, which will only lead to other positive changes. Take charge and be consistent, give it a chance. Nothing happens in a day or two, obviously.

3. We take the road well travelled, not intentionally, but because it feels easier, faster, and fills the gaping hole inside of us, so we can get back to doing other, more fun, time-wasting, mind-numbing, stuff. A sugary snack (instead of a healthy one), can give you a high, and while you are in this high, you can do and be anything. Then you fall from the sky, as if your parachute didn’t deploy. When you hit bottom, your emotions are free to trample your heart and your thoughts, then your high ends on an even lower note than the day before. This is the vicious cycle that so many of us are caught in. I’m looking in the mirror right now. Changing your entire maddening behaviour, is all it takes. Just get out of your head and make the changes. I know, I know, it’s not that easy! It really is though, just your attitude that is holding you back. Your excuses, the lies you tell yourself, become your truth. One day at a time, downhill or uphill. It is a choice.                                                                                                          

healthy fruits and vegetables

4. It can be expensive, the fruit and vegetable isle. Low income presents a huge problem. Depending on our location, we could grow our own gardens, freeze and can the food for winter. That is time consuming, and if someone has a long commute, or has to work two jobs, when would they have time to garden? Or could they have a garden, if they lived in an apartment building, in the middle of a busy city? Would there be enough fresh food to sufficiently feed a family of four or more? It seems that there is always a sacrifice of one thing for another. Depends on what you most want, what is most important to you. It’s the ‘get out of your head’ thing again. New study confirms that eating healthy does indeed cost more…  Even if we eat healthy food, we still aren’t getting all the nutrients required; enter supplements. Even a really good multivitamin is not going to help meet those needs. If you are going to take supplements, choose ones that will address your individuality. –and yes, supplements add an extra monthly expense. Yay!                                                                                                     

floating rock clock in the sky

5. The amount of time it takes to prepare fresh food daily, is mind blowing. The daily routine becomes much longer, albeit a healthier one. You are standing and moving about while slicing and dicing, and not being a couch potato. I attempted this a while back, making huge salads (to last a few days), and preparing mostly vegetables for meals. It literally sucked up my days. I don’t enjoy cooking at the best of times–just ask my guy–but this was ridiculous. I ended up wanting to do anything else but prepare food. Honestly, when will ‘They’ come up with a pill, that covers all your nutritional needs and fills you up? I’m sure I would still have an occasional treat, and my green tea lattes, but I definitely am not a ‘live to eat’ girl. I am an ‘eat to live’ girl. On a positive note, the four days that I completely cut out sugar, white flour, white rice, anything processed, my energy level went through the roof. A hill that might have noticeably increased my breathing, had no effect at all. That lasted a good few weeks, even though I added back a few things to my diet. Why then, since I felt so divine, am I not continuing? Well, that is a good question, isn’t it?

6. Exercise. Some of you may be so far in denial, that you question what that even is. I block out exercise sometimes. I go in stages where I do wonderfully, and then I will get slammed with some physical ailment (could be a cold with a hacking cough), that will put a crashing halt to my routine. I love routine, and right now, I’m searching everywhere for the one I lost a while back. Isn’t there someone, somewhere, that can do it for me instead? It goes back to the time thing again, exercise takes time, so if you can’t find the time, then make the time. If you wrote down all your necessary tasks, including sleep, and the time allotted, there would probably be some time to fit in a few sit-ups, push-ups, or some yoga. You would probably be surprised. Simple. Instead of watching your favourite television show, go for a walk. Yah, that’ll work.

7. We have this grand vision of what we will look like, once we’ve started to eat better and exercise. Forgetting of course, that the changes are small, and stretched out over time. Make your goals achievable, baby steps. Don’t get stressed out if you take longer to achieve a goal or fail to achieve one. Just start again. A daily goal of eating carrots for a snack, and getting in your twenty minute walk, is a start and is achievable. Or, pick one of those, and just start. Then, because you achieved, you feel happy, you want to repeat it. That’s the idea anyhow.                                                                 

people exercising with weights

8. You will most likely fail, if you have no support system. A support system is a must if you are to be successful long term. We seem to need the basic information to health, pounded into our brains on a regular basis. As an example; Weight Watchers holds weekly meetings. Some of the information shared is quite simple, and even silly to some, but nonetheless, very effective. It’s all about showing up, being accountable to yourself in front of others. Knowing that you are not alone in your challenge or struggle. You may even meet some new friends, who by the way, are like-minded people who can be added to your support system.

After all this, we must remember that our attitude holds huge sway, when it comes to our choices. Strength of character? You can do it! We are also the role models for our kids, and if we eat crappy, our kids probably will too. If we are heavy, then our kids will probably follow suit. Why not be the positive example for others, at work, at school, and at home. The more you have on your team, the easier it will become.

Writing 101        As always, your comments are welcomed and encouraged! Don’t be shy!


18 thoughts on “8 Thoughts on Health

  1. Those are strong points, though the second one is tough. We live in an age where everything is too interconnected, like everything is already shared and said before getting to dinner via phone or emails etc so it ends up very very quiet :-\


  2. I’m almost always tempted, if I’m on my own, to engage my computer or watch a show while I’m eating. It is so difficult, but very worth it in the end. I have to keep re-starting, all the time.


  3. As you say, price is a key one – not just fruit and veg, but anything. This afternoon I was outside, thinking on my food options. I wanted something to tide me over until dinner. My options were sushi; hot pie and drink, or Subway. I wavered towards the pie and drink, despite the fact that it’s the least healthy option – it was cheapest and quickest, not to mention it was cold and wet. Eventually I went for a salady sub, and was happier for it.

    Retailers make it harder to be healthy, because they provide crisps or soft drinks quite cheaply, and then fresh produce is pricey; so for some people it’s just easier to get unhealthy foods.

    Thanks for sharing 🙂


    • Good for you! It seems to get a little easier each time you opt for healthy, but you have to plow your way through the bad stuff to get there. It’s a shame we have created all this.


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