Socks or Slippers?

I am a ‘slipper’ girl. Slippers, in my opinion, are better than socks. Although on occasion, I have been known to wear socks with slippers. Nothing like, socks with sandals. My feet are almost always cold, unless I’m in Hawaii, so bare feet around the house is not an option. I also never notice when I step on crumbs, or little rocks, or anything else for that matter. I think it was back about the time I had my kids, when I started wearing slippers. Too long ago to remember correctly.

My preferred style of slipper, is one with a rubber sole. If I forget to put shoes on, and am making my way to the car, my feet are kept dry, and/or dirt-free. I have been known to pull this off, actually making it all the way to the car before clueing in. With the rubber soles, one might mistake them for a shoe–then again, maybe not. At any rate, they are so comfy. I also prefer any shoe, that I can wear without socks.

brown suede slippersI get them from the Softmoc store, and I buy two pairs at a time. That would be one pair a year. Once I discovered these ones, there was no going back. I’m due for some new ones in about six months time. I will be on pair number seven. Did I mention these are my favorites? I’ve had them in brown, red, and my favorite, blue.

I have given other, less desirable styles, a test trial. Some stretch out so badly, they just fly off my feet whenever I take a step. The ones with the big thick bottoms, trip me up. The foam seems to expand the moment your weight is transferred to the other foot, so when you slide your foot forward,brown suede slippers the bottom catches the ground. I keep trying these ones on, thinking that maybe one day, they will be different. I do want a pair, so I will keep trying. For summertime I do like the ones that just cover the toes, but those stretch out as well, and offer no padding. I’m a sucker for slip-ons, so anything that I have to bend over to pull on, is not going to fly with me. Booties are not my style, and anything with a heel, lets not even go there.

My guy says, “Slippers remind me of old people.” Well, thank you very much for that. I suppose now that I’m old, they’re okay?

He does not like my slippers touching him, and if he catches me with my slippered feet on the couch, I will be held down and they will be removed forcefully. However, he will wrap my toes in a blanket and say, “Isn’t that better? They will be so much warmer now.” Sigh!

On occasion I will slip into bed with the slippers on, just to rile him up. It’s quite comical to see his reaction.

Are you a sock, or a slipper person? Or both? Or none? Do you have a favorite flavor?

Always appreciate comments…hint, hint!


10 thoughts on “Socks or Slippers?

  1. Slippers in the house. Never shoes(take them off at the door please) I never wear socks and slippers. In summer I have soft leather slippers and warm sheepskin ones for winter.


  2. We are in the UK. Its wet and cold here for most of the year and its impossible to survive our long winters without a decent pair of slippers.


    • That wet cold goes straight to the bone. We have wetter winters here as well, that’s when I have to add socks.

      Thanks, slipper guy, for the comment!


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