Letter To The Editor

I am writing this letter, to offer a different perspective on the rapid phasing out of the Board of Directors of the BC SPCA, in favour of being bought out by one Cruella de Vil. As a voting member, I am strongly opposed, along with a list of 79,735 others, including members and the general public. There will be many more to come.

The BC SPCA prides itself on their mission: To protect and enhance the quality of life for domestic, farm, and wild animals in British Columbia. This will be lost to the cruel and devilish ways of Ms. de Vil.

She has been out of the public eye for quite some time now. What has she been up to? Well, several workers from a puppy mill in Southern B.C., came forward a month ago, stating the debilitating conditions of their workplace; not only for humans but for the puppies as well. “…appalling and dreadful,” one woman said. “It is gruesome, what I overheard of one of de Vil’s phone conversations,” said Jack, the spokesperson of the group.

In the west, a group came forward after witnessing de Vil mistreating a dog. The rest of the statements and proof of noncompliance of the Prevention of Cruelty To Animals Act, will be included with the written documents.

Cruella de Vil may not be the face of these mills, but she is the brains behind them and plenty of others. More people are coming forward with statements of her cruelty. It won’t be long before she is officially shunned by the public. We only ask that you postpone the sale of the BC SPCA, until that time, for the sake of all animals.

To all readers, please send your message of support to; email@email.email.

Jay Walker

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