Destination Cold

The year of 1978 presented me with some life changes, none of them being my choice. Moving to a new city, fitting myself into a new school, was to say the least, unpleasant. We lived in Penticton for only one year. I had a best friend.

mr pg prince georgeMy parents and I moved to Pr. George, because of Dad’s job. We rented a three bedroom house. A dark green rancher? We were not in that house for too long. It was the second house on the left, in a crescent. I remember the snow that winter, completely blocking the view of the house across the way. The snow piled so high in the centre, in an attempt to clear the road. The winters in P.G. were cold, snowy, and long. Blah!

I, being the youngest by almost eleven years, to two brothers and two sisters, was living as an only child. All the others had moved on to their own life adventures. On occasion, one would come home for a while, re-assessing their life before moving on again.

Being quiet and shy, I was never very good at starting conversations. In fact, I never did. Lucky for me, people seemed to be drawn to me, for various reasons. The first day of school, my mom in tow, we stood outside with other kids waiting to be told which class we were in. I was being scouted right then, by a couple of the popular girls. I found out later that they thought I was pretty, and they liked my hair. THANK GOD! Yes, I had beautiful hair.

I had one year at the elementary school, then moved on with some of the others to the high school, where, to my relief, I stayed until graduation. P.G. was my home for nearly fifteen years.

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5 thoughts on “Destination Cold

    • I can strike up a conversation in the grocery line, but put me in a crowd, like a party, and I generally wait for others to do it. Age has a way of making it a little less traumatic to make the effort, so I do make more of an effort now. 🙂


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