20 More Things That Make Me Smile

just smile

  1. When my son sends me a text message, all on his own.
  2. Knowing that I have some silver, mixed with the gray in my hair. Smiling now! Yay!
  3. Hearing someone shriek at the close proximity of a spider…I’m not the only one.
  4. Julia Louis-Dreyfus in ‘The Veep’.
  5. The gasping sound of my guy, after I’ve dumped a glass of cold water on him while he showers; of course, just returning the favour.
  6. Driving in my car, windows down, sun is shining, Trooper’s song ‘We’re Here For A Good Time’, is playing.
  7. I smile when I open the mailbox to discover I’ve got 2 parcels.
  8. …and then remembering what it was, I had ordered.
  9. The joy on Tia’s (chihuahua), face when Graysee (cat), gives her a quick wash.
  10. Any ‘aha’ moment. Those are delightful!
  11. When the ‘Daily Prompt’ inspires me immediately.
  12. Remembering to set the timer, so my almond milk doesn’t boil over. (FYI 4 min)
  13. When my guy talks in a high voice…I know, a repeat, but it makes laugh.
  14. I get a bit of a high, after de-cluttering a space.
  15. Seeing two real, live, foxes for the first time.
  16. Robin Williams.
  17. When I water my plants, and they come back to life, after being neglected.
  18. The way Tia races around with a torn up stuffed toy, leaping from couch to chair.
  19. When I see a spider…on the OUTSIDE of my window.
  20. Looking at the framed photos of my kids, that clutter the sideboard.

Here is my first list of 20 things that make me smile.

As always, comments are welcomed, and encouraged! Share your list of happy!

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14 thoughts on “20 More Things That Make Me Smile

  1. I can relate to quite a few of the things that make you smile,
    “Knowing that I have some silver, mixed with the gray in my hair. Smiling now! Yay!”
    I also think of them as glitter or life sparkles. lol


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