I’ve never doubted my love for her, right from the start. She came into my life eight months ago, like a whirlwind of change, and it’s never been the same. Life seems easier now, far away from a turbulent past. Folding up the blanket, I watch her as she secures the picnic lunch, and follows through with her cleanliness routine. She is the brightest star in my life. I smile to myself, knowing she will not be satisfied until every blade of grass appears undisturbed. I guess you can say that is one of her cutest traits, and one of her annoying traits. She spots me watching her, hands on hips, crinkles her nose at me, and breaks into a half smile. What would I do without her?

picnic basket food drinkHe does that a lot, watches me. It might be nice if he lent a hand a little more often. I am a bit of a neat freak, something he doesn’t understand, so he just watches me instead. It has been like this for, hmmm, eight months now. I do love him, pretty much from first sight, so I let it go. I do appreciate having a man in my life, that loves me the way he does, completely. I’m happy we moved here, smaller town, quiet, far from anything bustling. We both have simple jobs, money in the bank, and some time to spend together. A simpler life. “There. That should be good,” I stand back to survey my work. “Let’s walk up the trail, back to the car. I like going that way.” I do secretly love that he watches me.

Oh my. He looks startled. Poor dear. I glance back to my knitting and then up again, at the couple as they pass by. He’ll know what the red yarn means. Are those tears? Good lord. Where do they find these guys. He’s got to know by now, that he can’t hide from us . It wasn’t even that difficult to find him this time. I guess his tears come from a sudden knowledge, of the loss of his new girlfriend.

      Are these challenges getting harder and harder? Feel free to leave a comment below, whatever you are thinking.

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