Adverb-Free Latte

adverbs sign

Two sets of double doors. Do I want to go into the book store or the coffee shop? I’m bemused, as they are just a hop, skip, and a jump apart, and enter the same space, sort of. What’s the point of browsing books with an empty hand? That’s my take on the subject.

A small line-up of people, chitchatting, gossiping, snickering, and swaying from one foot to the other, anticipating that first glorious swallow of chosen beverage. I join the line. Advancing forward and cornering left, leaves me drooling in front of the snack display. I side-step to the counter.

Shutting my eyes, to commence brain function and memory, I spout my order, “I want, please, a grande, one percent, extra hot, unsweetened, green tea latte.” My lids unfasten, gifting sight.

“Is that everything?” She says, from behind the counter. I note the name written on my cup, so I know who to listen for.

“An oat bar, please,” I reply. I tap through the apps on my phone in search of the member card. Holding it to the scanner, I listen for the beep, indicating payment complete, then I saunter in the general direction of the pick-up counter. I stand, scanning the crowd for anything interesting to amuse me while I wait.

Once I hear the name on my cup called out, I claim my drink. Choosing a stool, I sit. The tea, warming my hand a little too much, is placed on the table. Examining the oat bar, I break off a corner and pop it into my mouth. It reminds me of the oatmeal, freezer cookies, mom would make. They never lasted long enough to actually be baked. Munching on the chewy bar, I soak up the atmosphere.

I finish eating, and wander over to the card displays. Perusing a few, chuckling to myself at the humour, I settle on one. Waiting in line to pay, I can hear the cashier’s chortles as she serves the customers ahead of me. A little too loud, but cheerful nonetheless. I finish up, satisfied with my purchase, and meander my way outside, toting the last half of my tea to relish on the ride home.

Writing 101     Not as easy as I thought! Comments are always welcomed and encouraged.


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