Bad Man Comes

Day’s end, and I watch through my bedroom window, the darkness swallow the last bit of light. No moon tonight. Too many clouds. I imagine the stars, trying with all their might, to push through the gray. They are unsuccessful. It’s too quiet; no birds, no frogs, nothing. Then the first drops of rain tap at my window, pushed sideways from an unexpected blast of wind. The storm begins.

stormy weather dark cloudsI lay in my bed, warm and comfortable, in between all the feathers. Normally, I would be watching, but I’m unable to stop myself drifting in and out, before I drift for the last time tonight. I’m exhausted, from a row of sleepless nights. My brain working overtime, checking the door and window locks, the alarm, not giving in to sleep. The length of time between nightmares is lessening, as it always does.

I miss having someone sharing my bed, sharing my sleepless nights, sharing my nightmares, my premonitions. I never know when it will start. I’ve had to move three times in seven years, and I can assume, I will be on the move again soon. That is why I’m alone. My mom and I don’t speak. I have a half brother, who travels constantly, so I never know where he is. I had, a fiancee. My life is a horror show, and who wants to share in that. The police are no help, they can’t find him, catch him, kill him. So it’s up to me.

The wind has picked up, alternately singing and hollering. Rain pummels the window with every squall. The curtains gently swing away from the wall and back again, as the air forces its way through any crack. Menacing clouds sway back and forth in time with the wind. The sky lights up, as the lightening sets about her dance.

I am unaware of the show, as my consciousness has finally let go, drifting deeper and deeper.

Bad man comes,

So feet must move,

And move and move,

So not to lose,

This life that breathes,

Inside my veins,

Ebbing, flowing,

As the rains,

That block my view,

Of future light,

Pinpoint, nearly out of sight.

© Gerri Leathley 2014


Writing 101: Day Four         Part One. Would love to know what you think. Please leave a comment, good or bad, or whatever you heart desires. I can take it!


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