Love, Phantom, Amor

music musical notes black whiteNo editing today. A very difficult approach to writing for me. I want to change it!! Oh well.

“Love Is Blue” by Paul Mauriat

When I was four years old, I would go into my brothers’ room, they had a record player, and I would put on this 45. I have no memory of how many times I listened to it, but I would cry and cry and cry. To this day, I do not know why. It still has that effect on me, only not as bad. If I’m in the mood for a really good cry, song of choice.

It is an instrumental piece infused with lightness, grace, love, and beauty. Whatever your mood, this music will enhance it.

“Phantom of the Opera” sung by Michael Crawford

I have one word I use to describe the sound of Michael’s voice as he sings this song, haunting. Each note he sings, is filled with melody. I must use the word infused again, as his voice is infused with song. The type of voice that can take you away from what you are doing, transporting you to the stage with him. I’ve seen the broadway show three times, but it has never been Michael Crawford. No one can quite sing it like he does.

“Un Amor” by the Gipsy Kings

This translates to ‘I have a love’. I love the flamenco guitar, their raspy voices, and of course, anything about love. I was in Hawaii about twenty-five years ago. We were shopping, and I entered a clothing store. They played their music very loudly, and I was immediately taken by it. I asked what it was, and discovered the Gipsy Kings. I have been hooked ever since, and had the opportunity to see them in Vancouver a few years ago. I was mesmerized. Their voices are even raspier now. They played my two favourite songs, and we all stood outside, swaying to the music, and feeling the warm breeze. I feel like this music, mostly the flamenco guitar, is a part of me. Maybe in another life.

Writing 101: Day Three   What are your three favourite songs? I had some trouble deciding. Feel free to comment!


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