Pull From The Tides

cropped-sea-rock.jpgI close my eyes, relief from the brightness of the sun. The wind, a little on the cool side, blows with the intention of messing up my hair. As each gust passes through my hair, if it hits my ears just right, it deafens me. My ears are sensitive to the cold wind, so I adjust my scarf accordingly. I pull another kleenex from my pocket, the wind and the chill loosens my sinuses, and I must blow more often. A natural blush has highlighted my cheeks. I keep my hands in the large, soft, pockets of my fleece. It is not too cold, just on the edge of needing a warmer jacket.

I have acquired, over the past few years, an appreciation of the ocean. It’s inexhaustible, intoxicating, beauty. The intensity of it’s purpose, and the incredible power behind it. I live near the ocean, and currently have an amazing view that changes daily. It does not matter, the roof over my head, as long as I can reach out somehow to the ocean.

With my eyes closed, my hearing is sensitive to the sounds of seagulls, the sounds of small waves splashing the shore. The salted, scent of the ocean is present, and with each gust of wind, I breathe deeply. It fills me with an intense pleasure, nature’s beauty. I move closer to the water, feeling the pull from the ocean’s tides. My feet are inches away from the wet sand and the pummelled, round, colourful rocks that line the water’s edge.

I focus on the water moving towards me and then away, and back again. After a few waves, my body starts to rock in time with the motion of the water. My vision has blurred slightly, and I am taken to a place of pure contentment. No thoughts pass through my mind, yet, it feels full. I am being rocked gently, cradled, loved. I am one with the earth, unaware now of the birds, other passersby, any other sounds. It is intensely quiet, and I am almost brought to tears with this beauty I am feeling, as it washes through me. This lasts only a few moments, and leaves me wanting more.

I am challenged to recreate that intensity, that fullness. I was not human and the ocean was not water. There were no words, no names, I just was. It is only once, that I’ve had such an experience with the ocean. It’s different somehow, than anything else. What a gift I received, in those few short moments.

Writing 101     As always, comments are welcomed and encouraged. Would love to hear what you think!


8 thoughts on “Pull From The Tides

  1. Greatly enjoyed it. You brought all of the beach atmosphere in. 🙂 Thanks for helping me find you. The only line my concussed mind has trouble reading is “As each gust passes through my hair, if it hits my ears just right, it deafens me.” I’m not sure why.
    Much Respect and Gratitude


    • I sort of feel the same way about that sentence. If I used the ’em dash’, I believe it’s called, it might read better. Thanks so much for the comment!


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