Doggone It Anyway!

beagle coonhound dog pet

I’m not sure what spurred on my decision to get a dog. Maybe it was the kids, and my thoughts of how wonderful an experience it would be for them. Maybe it had just been on my mind, and finally forced its way through the sludge, to the forefront. Maybe it’s because, when I decide I want something, I don’t stop until I get it. Maybe, it was ‘Adopt A Pet’, from the noon news hour on Global, desensitizing my brain to any negative aspects of getting a dog. I’m gonna go with the last one; blame it on the news hour.

I knew I wanted to check out the BCSPCA, and I knew I wanted a Beagle. I searched online, through the few dogs that they had pictures of, and my eyes came to rest on one that sang to my heart. I could not believe, I had found a Beagle/ Coonhound mix. We left on our new adventure, to meet the dog. When we got there, I was told that another family had filled out the adoption paperwork. I was horrified! The lady said it was never done before, but, I could fill out a form, and they would take into consideration, both families. I filled out that form with determination. There was no white space left. Obviously, I would be the best choice! I think it was the next day, we received the phone call, letting us know that we were the proud new parents of a dog.

beagle coonhound dog pet hiding face




I did find out that she had been returned to the BCSPCA, two times. She did a lot of escaping, and I guess the other owners were not too keen on that. We were lucky, she was house trained, but, she was a runner. And could she run…whenever that front door opened, she made a break for it, and my son, who is also a fast runner, was sent out to get her. Eventually, she began to settle in, and the escape artist within, began to fade. She still likes to escape on occasion, however, she returns on her own, knowing where her family is. At least, I like to think it’s more than just the food, that keeps her coming back.




beagle coonhound dog pet wet haired boy

As illustrated in the photo above, you can see how we became her family. I knew the moment, when she knew, she was home for good. We were always greeted with such joy and happiness, but this time, her ears turned all the way out. It took over a year for that to happen. I will never forget that moment.

beagle coonhound dog pet regression

A little regression, maybe a bad hair day, not sure what message she was sending there. Super-cute though! McKay is her name, and she has brought us so much joy; I’m sure now, that is the reason I wanted to get a dog. Just like the kids, whenever she does anything cute, all the aggravation from the un-cute stuff, is gone. Lately, we have had to put a child lock on the cupboard door, which houses the garbage. (see Mischief & Sidekick) Not cute, very un-cute, but, so cute. I can’t help it.

beagle coonhound dog pet snow

I love how comfortable she is around us all. I know all of the things that bother her, make her hide, make her bark. Sometimes, she will do her best to get the last word in, and it will be accompanied by a ‘look’. Always makes me laugh! She has taken to loudly, voicing her opinion, while doing a little bouncy dance, and turning her head to the side, so she can look at you out of the corner of her eye. I blame my guy, for getting her riled up. I love how she runs to greet Graysee, (our cat). I love when I get out her favourite treat, the way she responds, I can tell she’s smiling…and that warms my heart. She is getting quite gray now, like me, but she can still bounce around, and act like a pup. Young at heart. Yes, that’s snow on her nose.



I would love to hear about your pet stories. Please leave some comments, and some links for me to read.



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