In The Now

As a kid, dreaming about my future…now wait…I dreamt in the moment. In one moment I was an actress, another moment I was a ballerina, and another moment I was a champion swimmer, then a figure skater, or a pianist. I could go on, but, I don’t recall ever picking just one thing, or imagining my future. I was active, involved in lots of fun activities, and living them in the moment.

It wasn’t until high school that I gave it any real thought. Grade 12 biology, dissection, was when nursing came to mind. Although, I did cut hair, and thought hairdressing would be fun. I was encouraged to choose nursing, because financially, it was a better choice. A ‘career’ choice. So I went with that. If you’d like to know where that led to, check out; School Time Blues.

I suppose, all along I just wanted to be ‘me’. What I chose to do, was not who I was. Right now, I’m still searching, but, in the meantime, I am happy to just be ‘me’.

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