Kid’s Can Too; The Travel Checklist

colourful suitcases travelI am a list maker. It gives me confidence. Freeing up a little space in my brain is a definite plus. When my kids were little, and we were planning a trip, I found myself searching online for a packing list. Something that my kids could easily follow, ticking off items as they laid out their belongings. I found a couple that were, ‘just’ satisfactory. Not one seemed complete, to me. So, I made my own. This is not the same list, from years ago, but, a much better one. I love organizing, so this falls into the category ‘FUN FOR ME’!

I have created, the one and only list, you will ever need for your pre-travel, packing, purposes. If your kids can read; they can pack. As the every time winner of, ‘Who’s Doing the Packing’, I delegated. I think the kids even thought it was fun, having such responsibility. Of course, I still did the final checks, just to be sure.

This list is geared towards a family (with kids), who’ll be leaving the comfort of their home. You are more than welcome to alter, adjust, add, subtract, scribble, draw on, recycle, or whatever else you fancy doing with the list. You might also find it useful, just the way it is.

Family with Kids Travel Checklist

Since I love lists, here are a couple more examples from Word & Excel, that might be useful. I have saved them as a PDF; if you have any issues, please let me know.

Business Trip Planner

Camping Checklist

Please let me know if I have missed something of importance. I like to think I’m perfect, but alas, that is not always the case. If you have a great list to share…do it!

If you enjoyed this post, leave your comments below, and do have a peek at the rest of my blog.


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