Motherhood – Promote Yourself


There is only one first, unbelieving but certain
The future will change, draw back the curtain
Unto a whole new world, filled with raw emotion
Crashing in from all sides, pushing and pulling at devotion
Unrelenting ‘til the end, turn the corner, a new stage
Pick up the bits and pieces, begin a fresh page
There is no going back, no inkling of desire
Heart strings pull you along, further into the fire
The raging inferno, of dancing bright lights
Sneaks into the soul, elevating to dizzying heights
Eyes clouded with emotion, soul full of passion
Arms open wide, an overwhelming attraction
Giving in to the pleasure, giving in to the pain
The weeping and the laughing, and the spiritual gain
Soul squishing moments, the shouting, the whispering
The heart wrenching unknown, is all part of the mystery
Tiresome yet invigorating, aggravating yet tranquil
A wondrous experience, of which to…

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