My First Dependent

lynx point siamese tabby pet cat

I adopted a beautiful kitten, whom I named Quaker, after searching in encyclopaedias, (yes, it was that long ago), for a cool, and unusual name. Accomplished! My first pet, as a independent, working, woman. She grew up in my apartment, and therefore, was an inside kitty. Unfortunately, for all of my family, she became a cranky kitty, with an attitude. I never had a problem with her. She didn’t scare me.

In the corner of my living room, I had a ginormous dieffenbachia, (no joke), in a ginormous pot. A lipstick plant used to live at the bottom of the dieffenbachia, but, eventually died, leaving visible dirt. It did not matter what I used to deter the cat, she would stir up that dirt, making a mess on my carpet. Of course, this was done while I was at work. After several store-bought, trial runs with disincentives, and failing, I had one left to test. Some sort of twist-tie with a deterrent attached, was tied to the bottom stalk of the plant. When I came home from work, I found it chewed up, by the front door. Years later, someone told me I should have put large rocks at the base of the plant. Shoulda, woulda, coulda!

My friend would cat-sit for me, when I went away. Quaker would race around on her quilt, and put little picks in it. Needless to say, she was not very happy about that. I thank you, friend, from the bottom of my heart, for looking after my kitty.

lynx point siamese tabby cat pet

When we moved to North Vancouver, she went out in the backyard. She didn’t venture very far, as she was getting older, and was a bit sickly. Her weight increased, and she had bad arthritis. She was still cranky though, but, not to me, nor to repair men. A weird attraction to repair men, she had. Quaker was diagnosed with diabetes, so she went on a diabetic diet, and I had to test her blood, and give her insulin. Oh, joy. Her health was not improving, and one lady vet, suggested to the girl at the desk, that owners should not be overfeeding their pets. I should have, in no uncertain terms, given her my thoughts on that. However, at the time, I was completely taken aback, and had no response.

The next vet I took her to, was a naturopathic vet. She decided that Quaker was allergic to the diabetic diet. (Huge, sigh). I put her on the ‘raw food diet’, and within a week or two, she was off the insulin, and losing weight. Her arthritis improved quite a bit, but, her kidneys were getting the best of her. There was always a wet mess around the cat box.

lynx point siamese tabby cat pet with beagle coonhound dog

Quaker had new life in her, and she got another three years of a somewhat healthier life. She was happier, she lost all her extra weight, was more content, could fold her paws under, and didn’t sleep on her back anymore. Happier that is, until we adopted McKay. Notice how they are keeping a close eye on one another. They eventually got used to each other, but, were never good friends. McKay knew her place, Quaker was Queen.

Then comes my first experience, of taking a pet to be put down. She was hurting, and I could see that. Her litter box couldn’t keep up with her, as her kidneys were worsening; from the diabetes and such. I drove her to the naturopath, to have this done. She gave her an exam, and then told me that she would not do it. Quaker could take some pills and have a dramatic recovery. Honestly, I could have screamed, had I not been so emotional, and teary. I marched her off to the other vet; to my relief, they agreed with me, and they put her to sleep.

A gut-wrenching experience, that I know I will have to repeat at some point. In the end, Quaker looked so very peaceful, no more pain, and that made me happy. I know she keeps an eye on me, my beautiful girl.

Just a head’s up, for anyone wishing to get on my nerves: with years of experience under my belt, I will, in a calm, assertive manner, give you my thoughts.

As always, comments are welcomed, and encouraged.


18 thoughts on “My First Dependent

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  3. Love the name even if its owner is just about the most unquakerish looking cat or anything else I have ever seen. Its in the eyes Quakers eyes are saying “Don’t. You will regret it”..
    Great post.

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  5. Owning a pet is a great experience filled with all of life’s ups and downs – often compacted into a terribly short time. By the way, the surly nature of your cat (to others, of course) reminds me of my alma mater’s mascot. We are the “Fighting Quakers’ – no joke.


    • That is funny! I chose a most appropriate name for her then. She was a fighter for sure. All of my family, were afraid of her, taking a couple extra steps to not walk too close…that sort of thing. It made me laugh!


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  7. Quaker is a marbled brown bengal – they have a distinctive railway stripe down their heads compared with the markings of a tabby (which looks like M – M for moggy) Bengal and cross bred bengals ARE talkers, chirpers, growlers. They LOVE water, playing in water and heights, climbing, sitting up high etc My 14 year old marbled brown bengal (CC) also kneads and pulls threads in quilts, woollen clothing, or kneads getting comfortable, often going around in circles before finally sitting down on my knee. CC is cat with attitude … and the day that I need to have her put down will be a sad one. However, no other cat breed would now be enough. When the time comes I will be looking for another marbled bengal – I am not interested in the more pure bengals with the rosettes.


    • That sounds exotic! I like that. She did have a very loud meow, purr, and chatter, when watching birds from a window seat. I don’t think she liked water too much. I was told that she was a mix of ‘Lynx point siamese’ and ‘Tabby’. I’m not sure what all that means, but she was certainly an interesting cat. Thanks for the info!


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