Laptop, Shmaptop

After re-locating, a couple of years ago, we made a decision to not have cable. I was feeling pretty good about this in the beginning. You see, I can pretty much watch anything I want, on my laptop. I can even plug it into the T.V., to watch on the big screen. What was the point in paying big bucks, for a few T.V. stations. Right?

I began doubting the choice we made. I felt listless, nauseous, depressed, and teary. My guy and I, would talk through my emotions. (What a guy!) Needing to know why I was feeling this way, was important. It had begun to affect my guy. Not until I was visiting with family, and watching T.V., did I notice that my mood was improving. Whenever a commercial would play, I would not be able to tear my eyes away. The more I saw, and there are lots of them, the better I felt. This was amazing! It literally, took one afternoon to wash away the blues, that had begun consuming me.


Here’s what I learned.

Using a laptop to watch anything:

  • is a constant strain on the back, from leaning forward to hit the space bar, in order to pause
  • there are no breaks
  • you must pause, prior to a bathroom break
  • you must pause, prior to a snack break
  • you must pause, to share any comments
  • you must google, to learn anything new
  • you must type into the search bar, what you want to watch
  • overall a huge energy drain

Watching T.V.:

  • you are comfortable at all times, no straining
  • there are built-in breaks; you are able to prepare ahead, due to the regular intervals
  • time to use the washroom
  • time to make a snack
  • time to share comments
  • no need for any typing
  • massive amounts of learning potential from commercials; you can believe every word
  • no need for a grocery list; a commercial will be repeated several times, therefore, easy to remember
  • the volume is much louder than the show; everyone can hear

In fact, I even found myself taking my breaks during the show, and sitting down to enjoy the commercials. It would almost be better to have constant commercials…maybe not, I wouldn’t get anything else done.

I am all for spending the big bucks now, as it’s for my health!

Brought to you from, Daily Prompt! Many more where that came from!



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