The Art of Holding A Grudge-8 tips

unhappy couple

  1. Put on blinders. You feel bad, and some may try to stop you. Let them know it would be a huge waste of time to examine the issue, as you played no part in this misfortune that, someone else burdened you with. If you begin to feel depressed, weary, lethargic, and fatigued, that is because you are using great amounts of unconscious energy, maintaining your grudge. That is normal.
  2. Don’t try to make amends by confronting the issue/ individual. Judging yourself and others is the best route. It’s good to rant, by putting down others, as they are the cause of your infliction. Continue any self-blaming, and ‘poor me’ talk, as this brings short-term sympathy. This is also an effective and efficient way of withholding intelligent, and sensible, communication. Your goal here, is to exude feelings of frustration, melancholy, uncontrolled anger, and begin to carry an inferiority complex. Over time you will need to seek out new friends, as they will begin to avoid you. Another necessary step in keeping the negativity strong.
  3. angry_woman_198033Walking a mile in their shoes, gives you a glimpse into their world, and makes it more difficult for you to maintain your unhappiness. Stay out of their shoes. You want to feel more stress, have a higher heart rate, increased blood pressure, lots of muscle tension, higher rate of sweating, and because you want your face to match, more distressed facial gestures. Our past misfortunes, are a great way of enhancing and averting blame, for our present failures, at our job, on our health, and with maintaining other friendships. Bonus!
  4. Do wait for the other person to apologize. It’s all their fault you are miserable and unable to begin healing yourself. You may already have a poor self-image, a history of abuse, and stress; this will just enhance your negative emotions that have lived inside of you for years. Again, this is normal.
  5. Discuss your problems continuously, with anyone who will listen. The more you focus on the negativity, the longer it sticks around, and festers inside you. Also, those listening, may have grudges to share with you, so you will be infused with negativity, an essential aspect of holding a grudge.
  6. 12049063-angry-young-man-shows-middle-fingers-isolated-on-white-background-focus-on-handsThere is nothing to learn from what happened to you. No life lesson here. You were the one wronged, and because of this, you will experience a disparity in your energy system, and may suffer persistent agony, and maybe even mental instability. That’s good though, as that leads to further, ill health.
  7. Misery loves company, and you will find those who want to befriend misery. Stick with like-minded people, they will understand your woes, they will agree with every word that comes out of your mouth. You will be a good friend to them. Eventually, even they will disappoint you.
  8. Never forget how you were wronged, and it’s best to never forgive this individual, even if they apologize. Wash your hands of them, and any responsibility around the issue. Even after years go by, continue to dwell on your negativity, you didn’t want that person in your life anyway. Right?

Unfortunately, for me, I haven’t been successful at holding a grudge, or at least, never for any length of time, but, for those of you who are successful, good on you! By incorporating these tips, into your daily routine, you will reach your goal of an unhappy, unfulfilling, nonproductive life. Reach out to others, who share in your negativity, for support. Best of luck to you!

On the other side of the coin, those of us–who, sadly, are unable to pull this off–it’s best to just back off. We are more likely to accidentally offer, positive advice, than the much needed negativity.



6 thoughts on “The Art of Holding A Grudge-8 tips

  1. This made me smirk! I think I’m going to share it on my Facebook wall. I used to be very good at all 8 of these steps. After reading, I’m wondering why I ever stopped. You make it sound so appealing! 😉


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