Gray Follow-up; One Month Down

I can definitely fit this daily prompt, into my post. GREAT EXPECTATIONS. This will be quite the transformation, and if I make it, when I make it, there will be a celebration to end all celebrations! Probably, just a glass of wine, at home, with my guy, or something like that. I’m sure this will take me into 2015, but, the end of the year, is a great goal.

So far, so good! I’m a bit relieved, when I see myself looking back from the bathroom mirror. It’s still early on, but the gray looks to be blending well. The final colour I chose to dye my hair was a good choice, it seems. Not sure if that will be the case when I have four inches of gray growth, but, one step at a time.

I'm okay with this.

I’m okay with this.

These are my roots now. I have trouble seeing it, but, I have been told by a couple of family members that there is some silver happening in there. Pretty psyched about that…’rainy day’ gray can take a hike!

Parted just above my ear, a little frightening. Good thing I don't normally part my hair here.

Parted just above my ear, a little frightening. Good thing I don’t normally part my hair here.

There have been no random comments, from any Peanut Gallery, so far…I guess it’s not too noticeable yet. One note to self; these pictures are taken in natural light…it looks less gray in the bathroom mirror. I’m still loving my shorter cut! Signing off until next month… excited, pumped, and smiling!

You can read about my decision to ‘go gray’ here.

Is anyone joining me? Would love to have some companions on this journey! It’s exciting! Really!




4 thoughts on “Gray Follow-up; One Month Down

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