Sweet Love

Adrien birthday hatI’ve written before, about my love, for my children. Intense, overwhelming, beautiful, raw. The first-born, being a new life adventure, is a constant distraction from the everyday, because of the powerful connection. The sensations, when movement begins, fills the entire body with energy. When nearing the final days, the excitement overshadows the physical discomforts, and the ill-slept nights.

It was afternoon, when it all began. Throughout the night–agony, confusion, exhaustion–the tremendous stress placed on the little one, just beginning his journey. No more, please, no more. A C-section successfully ended the trauma. Bewilderment, longing, an irrepressible and compelling sense of love, from the very first sight.

He is 19 years old now, and my love for him, deeper, more intense, is all part of knowing what we have been through together.


9 thoughts on “Sweet Love

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