Recalling dreams more regularly, would be delightful. I’m sure it is true that, by writing my thoughts down upon waking, would help to solidify the dream, and make it easier the next time, to remember. Years ago, I gave that a try…(I used the wordTRY,because I gave up soon after starting).

Some of my dreams have been repetitive, lasting a while, and then never to be dreamt of again. Done with that one, glad to be moving on. Other dreams have included…spirits?; seemingly more tangible. These are the most gripping and haunting. The dreams vary, but, the ‘spirit’ is a constant, albeit out of place, and leaves me confused. “What are you doing in this dream?” “You don’t belong.” I’ll admit to being slightly disturbed by and yet, enchanted with all of this.


Sadly, they never end with a beautiful sunset.

So, are dreams the work of our imagination, or just instinctive? Are our brains filing away all the stuff of the day, leaving us to interpret the mess while we sleep? I’ve taken a shine to the idea that dreams are considered doors to a spiritual dimension, that provide insight, guidance, and protection. You could also expand your awareness of yourself by learning to interpret your dreams. Dreaming allows us to relieve stress…what if you have a nightmare? Your brain is receiving communication from your unconscious, and can give you insight about your present state of mind. “Sigmund Freud’s theory of dreams suggested that dreams were a representation of unconscious desires, thoughts and motivations.” You can find more on this page: Top Dream Theories. I certainly hope that is not the case with every dream. Whatever the case may be, believe what makes you feel the best.

Slow to fully wake one morning, the words, ‘bad man comes, so feet must move’, kept repeating in my thoughts. Once I clued in to this, I got up, and wrote it down. The rest of the poem literally streamed from my mind onto the page. My thoughts are; I did not write this poem. Who did? What is the message here? I have read that some of us are at our most creative in the morning, and that could very well be the cause of this, but, I like to think it’s something more. This happened only once. Here is the poem.

Bad man comes, so feet must move

And move and move, so not to lose

This life that breathes inside my veins

Ebbing, flowing, as the rains

That block my view of future light

Pinpoint, nearly out of sight.

What is this supposed to mean if it comes from my unconscious desires, thoughts, and motivations? Not sure I desire that. What happened in my day that caused my brain to organize the filing in that order? Does anyone have any insight? Let’s have some fun!


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