Pet Peeves

Sitting at my desk, gazing out the window, and searching for some inspiration on what to write about. Not exactly what I had in mind, but I noticed the neighbor’s dog wandering around in our yard, sniffing for the perfect spot. I rushed onto the deck, which was loud enough to make him move farther away, but only closer to the edge of our lawn. He wasn’t giving up, and proceeded to make his deposit. This is neither the first time I’ve cleaned up after him, nor the first time to witness his indiscretions. Does anyone else see my misfortune? That is NOT MY DOG! These are my dogs!

My gorgeous girls!  McKay & Tia

My gorgeous girls!
McKay & Tia


So the dog liked to do his rounds every morning, we were told by his owners, our neighbours. This was, as I recall, my first introduction to them, shortly after we moved into our house. What…? Seriously nice, kind, thoughtful, people they are. Just a little ‘wrong’.


In general, I am appalled at the lackadaisical attitude of many dog owners. How can it possibly be okay for someone to allow his or her dog to do his business in my yard, and then to just walk away without cleaning it up?, or not be around to see what the dog is up to? I would never, ever, intentionally allow my dogs to roam free (they have gotten away from me a few times), and unload on my neighbours’ yards. That is exactly the same as letting a toddler run over to your neighbour’s yard, take a dump, and run back home.

Would you do that? Your thoughts on pet owner’s responsibilities please…I’m sure I’m not alone here. Are you ‘one of them‘?




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