48 Years

Of course, Peter has to take the picture while I'm driving, so it's a bit blurry...I'll use it anyway!

Of course, Peter has to take the picture while I’m driving, so it’s a bit blurry…I’ll use it anyway! 48 years! Ugh!

It’s funny how the numbers, after age 30, are just numbers. Inside I feel 30ish and have ever since I left them behind. It is the strangest thing to think of myself as 48…just strange. I certainly feel wiser, though, having lived a few years and learned some pretty big life lessons along the way. Aside from learning about myself, there is the whole ‘adapting to technology’, which I have done so, well enough. At least, I think so. My kids, who grew up with computers and phones might have differing opinions. I have a MacBook, an IPad, and an IPhone, so I think I’m pretty hip. For those of you who are 20 years younger, ‘hip’ means; trendy, happening, all the rage, phat, and fly.

I like to be a hermit, so, I am enjoying the advancing technology and our ability to chat with someone without going out, or send an email update, or a quick text to check on somebody. It is the perfect solution for those of us who are not excited about physically socializing, or want to stay in pyjamas all day, or not shower, or have a big pimple on their face. Being able to have a conversation and see the person at the same time is very cool, as with Skype, especially if they are half-way around the world. Staying in touch is a good thing. There is a comfort in knowing people are just a text a way. Communicating online encourages me to find descriptive words that convey my emotion and intent. My creativity is broadened and I become smarter because of it. It allows me to play with words, and to feel good about producing something that might be pleasurable for someone else to read. When I write an email update to a friend whom I haven’t spoken to in a while, I feel pride in presenting my unique style. It’s me, only in writing. Unless it is a quick text, the idea of using the new chat acronyms and text shorthand, is mind-boggling to me. I’m not willing to go that far…hmmm, hem & haw, yet.

The negative aspects of never having to speak to someone face to face, to me, are colossal. I’ve seen a kid text their friend, who is sitting 3 people down from them. That is sad and scary, the disconnects we are creating while trying to stay connected. As much as I love the technology, and even if I have to work harder to actually connect with people, I refuse to be manipulated by my phone. You can certainly say a lot when you are plugged in but, when you actually ‘touch’ a hand, or laugh in the presence of others who are laughing, or get a hug…that is when a true connection is made. Nothing, not even the ‘computerized, gloved, goggles’ experience would be the same. It is freaky to me. Perhaps, in another 10 years, the concept might be more acceptable. I guess I’ll have to wait and see.

How has technology changed your life? Is it better or worse? Are you addicted? Would love to know what you think.


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