I’ll ‘TRY’…

That word. Only three little letters. An irritating expression. A somewhat pathetic display. Wishy-washy. Weak. But that’s just me. Or is it?

I don’t recall the last time I used ‘try’. My preferences are any of the following: make an effort, have a go, endeavor, do one’s best, strive. All these words just have a look of something more. They are bigger, better, more thoughtful, more mindful, and if used regularly, will inspire you to actually do what you said you would do. ‘Try’ makes it easy for anyone to get out of following through.

Whenever I hear that word, especially from my boys, I feel myself cringe. I suppose it might stem from experience. The ‘Tryers’ lose and the ‘I’ll do my besters’ win, every time. Remembering the times I used it in the past, it felt like something to say, to answer a question without committing. Check out Geoffrey’s opinion.

Even the dictionary displays how pitiful it is.

Untitled copy“Do or do not do, there is no try.”   I’ve said this quite often myself and I am all for banning the word ‘try’.

When someone says to you, ‘I’ll try’, how does it make you feel? Do you believe them? Let me know your thoughts and…do ‘try’ to remove ‘try’ from your vocabulary.


4 thoughts on “I’ll ‘TRY’…

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