Boudoir Fun Anyone?

Ever wonder what it would be like to be a model? To look like a model? To look glamorous? How do you feel when you look in a full-length mirror? Would you like to see yourself differently?…read on.

“The thing that is really hard, and really amazing, is giving up on being perfect, beginning the work of becoming yourself.”  Anna Quindlen

While contemplating some groupon savings, a while back, I came across one with a most interesting idea. I bookmarked it and sat on it for a good week trying to decide what to do. There was a debate between the angel on my right and the devil on my left. I’d never embarked on such a journey before and thought of myself as ‘silly’ for thinking it would be wonderful. How on earth would I ever be pleased with the results? So I called the number. My groupon had expired, of course, and I was almost relieved, but the voice on the other end of the line said she would accept it anyway. I listened intently and asked a few questions, then booked a date. OMG! What have I done now!

I didn’t give any details to anyone which was difficult when it came time for my family to vacate the house for a couple of hours. The grief I got was unbelievable! I know they were just trying to get some answers from me, but, I being the most stubborn of all humans, did not give in. And so, I got my way.

There I sat, alone, waiting, nervous, excited, and of course, thinking. The first to show was the make-up artist, and once that got underway, I relaxed a little. Twenty minutes in, the photographer showed. After talking with her I relaxed even more, and watched as my bedroom was transformed. At this point I was pretty excited. A few outfits were chosen and we started with the most coverage graduating to the least coverage for the final shots.

I was completely unaware how difficult it was to maintain some of the poses and learned very quickly that my body was not as limber as I had thought. She could tell when I was uncomfortable, or when a pose wasn’t going to work, and she literally guided me all the way through. Put your hand here, lift your shoulder up, turn your face, and look out the window. It was a lot more complicated than one would think. She showed me a couple of the pictures on her camera, and I was so surprised at how good I looked. So…I was having fun AND I looked good! Who knew? With the last outfit, my focus was no longer on my thighs or my tummy but on the poses and working hard to get my expression right. Things I learned: A natural, no. Awkward, yes. Stiff, yes. However, I had progressed to where I would have done a nude, had our time not run short. That’s how much fun I was having!

All in all, the experience was life changing, and I would recommend it to everyone. I am reminded of how I generally view myself, think of myself, and the contrasting emotions I have when I look at the pictures. Seeing myself through the eyes of someone else is a unique occurrence and full of insight. I chose three poses to have developed into prints to be framed, and I picked a wonderful little album with a variety of poses. Whenever a boost to the self-esteem is required, I look through the album.

It’s a boost to the overall mood–I had such fun that day!

The photographer, Barbara Rahal, is a genuine, compassionate, understanding woman, with an amazing creative eye, a pleasure to work with. Check out her Facebook Page here.

Questions? Similar experiences? Lightbulb moments?  Please comment below.


11 thoughts on “Boudoir Fun Anyone?

  1. Gerri, your post further inspired me to book a photo shoot for myself! Reading how this photo shoot altered your self-perception and boosted your self-esteem made me smile :). Wonderful and beautiful photos! Thank you for sharing your experience xo.
    -Lisa Estrella, Beauty In Or Out team


    • I’m so glad it inspired you! Very exciting! It absolutely changed my self-perception although I do need to look through the pics every now and again to remind myself. It has made me want to become more authentic…a definite work in progress and not easy. I so look forward to reading about your experience & seeing a pic or 2!


  2. Gerri, Yay for you! As a boudoir photographer I get to experience with my clients the freedom of expression, the release of joy and the satisfaction of having conquered the nerves associated with strong layers of doubt along with your first line of defense – your clothing.

    I wish everyone could experience this cleansing of the soul and rekindling of the spirit!

    Thank you for sharing!


    • Thank you so much! I was so very nervous at the start and because of how she was with me, compassionate, kind, complementary, and patient, I began to have fun with it. I was exhausted…physically and emotionally afterwards, but, was wearing a perma-grin.


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