Conversation Etiquette

Conversation Etiquette

Have you ever been explaining a concept to someone, but no matter how many different ways you approach it, they are just not ever going to be on the same page as you? Then, a few hours later, you think up a new angle? What they were saying was actually correct, but, that’s where the idea got stuck. Is this where you are supposed to agree to disagree?–not a favourite of mine. At what point do you give up? –or are you allowed to lean in and gently choke them into submission?

Is there such a thing as conversation etiquette with family? Most of the do’s and don’ts work well within a social setting of acquaintances, but, when it comes to siblings or parents or other, what is acceptable? My personal preference is not to start spewing foul language, or moving in nice and close, mouth wide open, spittle flying. It depends, I suppose, on how well you know each other and how friendly you might be, as to how you tailor your dialogue and your manners. Does ‘everything within reason’ work here?

I’m easy-going and all-in-all a good communicator, so when someone challenges me to my nth degree I say, “I’m not talking to you anymore!” That would usually be followed by a chuckle, an eye-roll, and a loud sigh. This lull is great for regrouping and maybe changing the subject completely. Anything to relieve the monotony of the misunderstanding or put a stop to banging heads together. I may even create a Top Ten ‘Do’ List for Familial Conversational Etiquette.

If you would like to have your brilliant idea make the top ten, please comment below. (DO have fun with it!)


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